Friday, June 1, 2012

Bother Bother Bother

Breyerfest is almost upon us, and so is the other show I am attending, Sea to Bay Live Summer Version. I am very excited for both of these shows, although the prep for both is bothering me, hence the title of this post. I wanted to touch upon today the importance of the tags that ID you're model horse. Everyone must create these tags for any show they attend, and sometimes you put them off until the last minute. That's not good. Today is an explanation of how to create, (successfully) these cards and tags.

1. The Index Table Card
This card is a index card, you know, those lined on one side, blank on the other, 3" by 5" card. These cards are most commonly laid on the table next to you're model for identification and for the judge to pick up for placing.

2. The Jewelry Tag.
These tags are typically stringed tags that are relativley small. They are usually blank on both sides, and are 1" by 1 and 1/2". These cards are the ones typically used for Breyerfest's youth and children shows.

How to Make:

1. The Index Table Card:
I would recommend buying the avery 2" by 3" labels that you can use the online template to type what goes on you're label. When you print it, you simply peel off the label and stick it on you're index card. Usually, you're name and the horses name goes on one side, and their breed and gender goes on the other side.

2. The Jewelry Tag:
a. Go on Microsoft Word on a blank document.
b. Choose a size 9 or 10 font, and type you're name and you're breyerfest number Ex: Y27 on one side, and the horses name and breed on the other side.
c. Print out this document.
d. Cut out carefully each side of you're tag.
e.Glue them with a glue stick to each side of the tag.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To Navigate the Clarion/Holiday Inn Room Sales and Swap Meet

You enter, and are swarmed by tons and tons of model horse lovers. 

What Do You DO?!?!?

It is best to start off in the room sales.  I would try and get a few in while you can, as you may miss out on a good bargain. My friend got a reisling there for 40$, and I got a glossy GG Valentine who was "body quality" for 20$. I fixed her up and she is now LSQ and ready to hit the show ring! The line is REALLY long to get in the Swap Meet, so If you want to maximize your time, start in the Artisans Gallery. There are some beautiful resins, artists, tack makers etc. in there, so take your time! You'll love it! Next, travel over to the swap meet. The line should still be long, but it's worth it. There was a GLOSSY ROXY in there last year! (squeal!)  

1. Take it Slow.

Imagine you are on a beach. A beach filled with model horse people. Take your time and browse the rooms. You have until 9:00pm! I only got through half the rooms on the first night. It is helpful to write the room number down you ended on so you can pick it up the next day.

2. Don't get overwhelmed!

The worst thing you can do in one of these things is to get too overwhelmed. This is bad. You want to keep your cool around all these people, so you can whip in and grab a sale when possible. It is also great not to get overwhelmed by all of the beautiful things in the Artisans Gallery. I love it in there!

The Three Most Important Things To Bring To Breyerfest

Breyerfest is a big place. When i first went, I was very confused, and didn't really know what to do. Thats why I did my research and found out the three most common and important things people bring to model horse shows and decided to list them in one easy place.

1. Bring a book full of the shows information, workshops, shows etc.

All you need for this is a simple presentation book with plastic paper sleeves on the inside. You can also use a binder, but I find that a presentation book is a lot lighter and more useful. I store my special run tickets in here, workshop papers, my show string list, etc. Anything I get at breyerfest such as the program, I store in here as well.

2. A List of All The Models You Are Bringing

The last thing you want to happen on the day of the show is to be missing your most important model. This has happened to me before, and believe me, it stinks. As you are creating your show string for the model horse show, take a look at the class list, pick out your horses and either write or type them down on a piece of paper, in order of what classes they are going to enter. This is very helpful, as when you are packing you can check off your horses as they go in the box=No Left-Behinds! Print another copy of this list to take along with you to the show, so you can arrange your horses on the table in the order of classes their entering. Also create boxes on the side with an In/Out above it. This helps you figure out who's been in the ring and who has not.

3. A Complete Guide to the Show/Event

I always keep a guide, program or Itinerary with me at all times inside my Presentation Book. This is very helpful so that you can stay on track during and after the show. Especially at Breyerfest when there is so much going on. Highlight all of the events you want to go to, and create an itinerary for the day. Its helpful to do this on Excel on your computer.(On my Mac, there is a special format for an itinerary.) This way you will not lose track of what is going on, and always be where you need to be, and on time.


A Comfortable Camera

The reason I call this comfortable, is the camera needs to be easy for you to use. Their are a lot of cool horses on those show tables, and you dont have a camera. It stinks, as you would like to show off these models to your friends. I ALWAYS bring my Olympus Pen EPL-2 to my model horse shows. This camera takes amazing pictures, and is well priced around 600-700$. I bought mine when it was brand new for 800$. It has amazing HD Video, and really brings out small details in the pictures your taking, which is great for model horses. Use this camera as a tool to help you capture and share the wonderful memories of your show. Just make sure you dont miss any classes!

Well, thats it. Hope this helped! I will have more posts on BF 2012 later!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breyerfest 2012 Tips Part 1

I am once agian going to Breyerfest! It is going to be my third or fourth year going, and I have decided to share with you some of the things that have helped me throughout the years. I remember the first year that I went, and I was so scared. I didn't know what to buy, what to do or how to participate in the show! Thats why I decided to make a blog dedicated to helping my fellow model horse enthusiasts with their questions. What I'm going to cover over these next few posts is listed below.

  • The Three Most Important Things to Bring to Breyerfest
  • How to navigate the Clarion Swap Meet and Room Sales
And my favorite:

  • How to Keep Your Cool Around Crazy Model Horse Ladies

Stay Tuned!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the Road to Breyerfest Part 1

To tell you the truth, I'm nervous about breyerfest. Very nervous. Since my family is moving during this time there is a lot of stuff going on, Including moving tons and tons of breyer horses. Some of which are customs in progress. You don't even know the half of it. However I'm a little depressed about moving because I have lived in this house for my entire life. So today I'm going to give you some tips about going to the exciting place we know as breyerfest. Breyerfest is one of the fastest filling shows in America which makes it some tough competition. I've had my fair share of tough and ahem, hellish people, but breyerfest is filled with craziness you would never believe. I know that firsthand because I am sometimes behind that craziness. However these are some VERY helpful tips to stay calm and relaxed during and after the show.
It has always helped me to bring a list of every model I am bringing to my show. I make a simple chart in my microsoft word program with 5 columns. One column should have the class name and number, one with the horses show name, one column saying "in" one column saying "out" and the last with placing if your horse is lucky enough to receive one. When the show begins and the first horse goes into their class I check the In box, saying that, that specific horse is In their class. When he's done and the class has been pinned I put a check in the out box saying that this horse is out of his class. If this horse won a ribbon I will put the number (1st through 10th) or HB (honorable mention). If not I will place an X in that box. Everytime a horse is out of a class and they don't have a first or second place, I will pack them up and lay them on the table. If I don't have time to do that I will just stand them up and grab the next horse, and when the next shower is in the ring I will put the previous horse away. This way at the end of the show I will not waste time and be able to get out of there as fast as possible.
Another thing that I like to do is buy a Presentation book with plastic page protectors on the inside to put my class list and other show items in so they stay safe. This is another great way to stay organized.  By doing this I stay ontop of everything that is happening at the show and at Breyerfest. I also keep my horses tags in here so that I can just grab them, stick the tag on and place them in the ring. Another thing that you can do is keep your breed description cards and performance description cards in here as well. I keep my dressage tests and showmanship tests here too.
Something else I do is I pack my horses in order of the classes and place a classlist on top of the box. I also place dots next to the classes I have horses in. This way I know who's in the box. In a separate box I put my performance horses and their tack, along with my presentation book. I also put my tickets and buttons in this box along with the most expensive horses I have for sale. (sometimes these sales horses ride in here but other times they don't)
Packing is also a very important component of breyerfest. When I pack I use pony pouches, but If you cant make those, buy simple white fleece from your local craft store and wrap your horses in that. After that wrap your horses in bubble wrap. When you place the horses in the box place bubble wrap in-between the spaces. This should make it that when you shake the box gently NO ONE should move. If they do you need to repack them and try again.
I'm leaving for breyerfest on the 13th or 12th. Everyday I will try to post something new to help you guys. I will also be recording some videos so check my youtube channel- FeatherBlue100 and My Facebook- Jojo Peckham, for any new updates. I will also be at the swap meet, but thats another story for another day and another blog post.
Thanks for reading! ~Jojo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upcoming Things

I love suggestions. Hopefully I can cover this nice little list that I have received in my emails.

Breed Classification Help
Customization Bylaws
OF Touchups
Proportions and Conformation

Please let me know all of your suggestions!

I Have A Blog!

Yes the rumors were true. I created a blog. This is where your questions will be answered about model horse shows, breeds and anything else model horse. From time to time there will be some other things on here not relating to horses, but it's still worth the time to read. I hope this will help all of you out to the highest extent and that you will gain the knowledge and information you need to succeed in the world of model horse collecting and showing. I want to give a shout out to some very special Facebook and Youtube followers who supported me through my troubles and pushed me forward even if I didn't want to. Thank you all again, and look forward to some fun reading!

With Mushy Love,